Nadine Di Iorio, LMSW
248.888.0111 or 248.890.5269

Counseling Services, PLC
For Girls
"I have developed a process to help girls become more self-aware and proactive in the way they live their lives."

This is a very "here and now" process that works from "the inside out". It starts by teaching each girl to understand herself and then her relationships. This process invites her to take responsibility for her life and make changes to improve her existence. I believe that every girl has much to contribute to the world and the ultimate goal is not just successfully addressing an issue, but creating a life-long practice of empowerment.

"I have spent over a decade listening to girls with acceptance and respect."

I use what I've learned from listening to inform and inspire every girl that enters my office. I also provide opportunities for girls to share their stories with each other. I invite girls who have utilized therapy effectively to describe their experiences to new clients as a way of saying "you're not alone" and "if I can do this, so can you". I want to provide hope in any situation and honestly believe in the wisdom and strength that girls possess.
"When a girl leaves my office, my hope is that she will know I really heard her. She won't feel like I am diagnosing or labeling her, but rather understanding the uniqueness of who she is and her situation."