Nadine Di Iorio, LMSW
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About Nadine
I earned a BS Degree is Psychology and Social Work from Juniata College, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania and a MSW Degree from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. I am a fully licensed clinical social worker, member in good standing with the National Association of Social Workers and the mother of two daughters. I have worked in a variety of settings that addressed feminine issues and in 2002 I established SheSpeaks Counseling Services as a community resource to address both the common and unique psychosocial experiences of teenage girls.

Originally trained as a family centered therapist, I integrate the empowerment of a client centered orientation with a cognitive/dialectical behaviorial therapeutic approach to impact change. I believe the work I do is meaningful, very challenging and thus, extremely rewarding. I am passionate about SheSpeaks and am constantly enhancing the design and delivery of my services to reflect the ever changing lives of teenage girls. I have the unbelievable opportunity to witness the evolution of so many girls and young women; their trust in me alone is a great privilege I take very seriously. I welcome the opportunity to communicate with you at any time about the specific needs of one girl or the general needs of many. I hope whatever circumstance brought you to SheSpeaks will result in a girl becoming more whole and happy.

In gratitude, Nadine
"My job isn't to become the expert on a girl's life. My job is to create an environment and relationship that allows her to explore and become the expert herself. The last thing a girl wants is someone telling her what she needs to be. I, more than anything, want to support her authenticity."