Nadine Di Iorio, LMSW
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Counseling Services, PLC
For Families
"Parents are an integral part of therapy."

My intention is to reinforce efforts to keep their daughter safe while also allowing her to learn and grow from her mistakes. Parents are invited to the initial session to talk, ask questions and become comfortable with what to expect. Early in the process they are invited back to provide a social history which helps me to perceive their daughter in the context of her family. Parents are encouraged to call at any time with concerns.

"Parents are never identified as the problem."

I like to support parents in supporting their daughter by enhancing their knowledge and sensitivity to her experiences at home, in school, with friends and as part of a community and culture. Because family dynamics play an important role in the success of the process, when necessary, I offer family sessions to reinforce their strengths and address limitations. I greatly respect the willingness of parents to seek help and feel honored they allow me, for a short time, to be part of their daughter's life.
"I am constantly amazed by what girls have gone through and how resilient they are, how resourceful they are and despite everything, are looking forward to the next day. It's why I do this work."